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Avoiding ambiguity

In an off-line discussion about the political posting I have been doing on this weblog over the past several months, a reader of Worldview commented, in essence, that I have not made the connection between my faith and my political views clear. I hope to rectify that now.

I believe what I believe about politics and everything else I write about on this weblog because of my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That faith, given to me by my gracious God as a gift without anything of my doing, is central to my worldview and, as a result, to Worldview. […] Continue reading

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Tito the Builder-Listen to this Man and VOTE ON TUESDAY

Tito the Builder has joined Joe the Plumber in supporting the McCain-Palin campaign by telling what it really takes to achieve the American (economic) Dream and exposing the Obama campaign lies about “change” for the better. Tito Munoz, born in … Continue reading

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What do the candidates say about it?

Heard about this website from a friend of mine:  http://www.ohioelectioncentral.com/.  You enter your zip code + 4 and it pops up with a “sample ballot” where the candidates for positions in your area of Ohio (representatives, local officials, etc.) have answered questions on … Continue reading

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