9:28 p.m.: Et tu Ohio?

We’re not calling it yet, but Ohio looks like it could go for Obama. What did McCain do wrong? What did Obama do right? What are your thoughts?

Personally, I think the direct link to Obama is Ohio’s continued clinging to low-tech, unionized manufacturing jobs. People believe Obama will somehow prevent these low-tech jobs from leaving the state, in spite of the fact that neither presidents nor Congress has the power to prevent private companies from doing anything as they export low-tech jobs and convert to high-tech. They voted for low-tech protectionism in a high-tech worldwide economy.

Your thoughts?


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11 Responses to 9:28 p.m.: Et tu Ohio?

  1. janson says:

    I believe the ground work for the Obama campaign may have been better. In addition to the bigger young voters turnout. McCain didn’t excite the conservative base as others have in the past.

    You do make a good point about the state economy though.

    Matt J.

  2. janson says:

    And did you see how much Obama spent on advertising in Ohio?

  3. chrispy85 says:

    that’s exactly it — people in those low-tech jobs THINK that Obama will somehow do them some good, in spite of evidence to the contrary. And heck, even if he DID do them some good, what’s good for low-tech Ohio union manufacturing jobs isn’t (necessarily) good for the country.

  4. dlhitzeman says:

    janson, I did not see the numbers. What were they?

    chrispy, I completely agree.

  5. chrispy85 says:

    We’re still not calling Ohio here in the Worldview War-Room. Maybe it’s denial, but maybe there’s something to the county numbers. They DO keep closing…

  6. janson says:

    i do not know the specific numbers


    however, im not sure about you all, but i heard obama ads FAR more than mccain ads…. and money does talk….literally lol

  7. janson says:

    hmm….37% of the votes in ohio are in….

    foxnews.com has a great election map with interactive and up to date information…currently greene county had 54% mccain, 44% obama

  8. janson says:

    not sure..ohio may be called for obama…

  9. djhitz says:

    Oh, Denny. They stabbed you right in the buck eye. The Hoosier state stood true.

  10. djhitz says:

    Yes, Didymus53, I’ve seen the Indiana,precinct, poll results. Touche, Buckeye. You’re true about senators, too. Term 2 for Gov. Daniels should prove if he’s the big rogue, we figured him for from term 1.

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