Local Issue Rundown

Taking a short break from the national scene, here’s a quick rundown of the State and Local issues being decided tonight:

Issue 1:  To provide for earlier filing deadlines for statewide ballot issues.  Looks like this one is going to pass, currently leading 70-30.

Issue 2:  Authorizing the state to issue bonds (read: go into debt) to pursue environmental interests.  Looks as if this one is going to pass as well, ahead 75-25.

Issue 3:  A constitutional amendment underlining the water rights of private property owners.  This one’s going on the books, currently up 70-30.

Issue 5:  State referendum allowing government regulation of the payday lending industry with regards to interest rates and fees.  This one looks to be over as well, passing 68-32.

Issue 6 (correction):  Constitutional amendment to allow a casino to be built near Wilmington, Ohio.  Ohio’s going to vote down its fourth straight casino initiative, 61-39.

Issue 52:  School levy for Dayton Public Schools.  This one is something of a surprise, looking like it’s going to pass, for the first time in 16 years.  Currently ahead 58-42

More small-election updates later.

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