Strangely quiet…

I’ve been sitting in the modern language/political science office for over an hour, and there has been no discussion on politics since I’ve been here.  One small exception of an employee discussing with her daughter how to vote on different issues.

For all the blovating that has occurred in this office for the last several months, it’s a little disconcerting.


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5 Responses to Strangely quiet…

  1. dlhitzeman says:

    I wonder if they’re nervous?

  2. KMHitzeman says:

    Possibly. It’s just weird – there’s nothing. Not even a “how long did you stand in line to vote” conversation.

  3. dlhitzeman says:

    I’m guessing a disturbance in the force, then.

  4. Jennifer Grubb says:

    Maybe they had a road to Damascus experience and ended up voting for McCain. Now they are too stunned to speak.

  5. KMHitzeman says:

    All’s right with the world…I just walked in to hear a conversation in which a gentleman said he would give Obama up to 40% of his income if that meant he would be elected. And he was fully confident that he would get that money back if Obama were to be elected.


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