Worldview’s open exit poll

This post will be used to perform Worldview’s open exit poll. Feel free to comment on this post about how you voted or send me an email at dlhweb1 at hitzeman dot com and I will tabulate the results. I will post results from any vote here, but you need to let me know what to post.

So far:


McCain: 8

Obama: 0

Other: 0


Austria (Clark County, OH): 1

Turner (Montgomery County, OH): 3

Attorney General

Mike Crites: 2

Robert Owens: 1

Ohio School Board

Hardin: 1


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9 Responses to Worldview’s open exit poll

  1. Janson says:

    McCain for me

  2. mom says:

    McCain; Austria and Hardin a conservative for the Ohio Board of Education (hope springs eternal).

  3. Keneil says:

    Two McCain votes from this house.

  4. dlhitzeman says:

    I just added it to the tally.

  5. Jennifer Grubb says:

    At our tiny little voting site there was no wait at all. Whew! What an effort to walk a whole 20 yards to cast my vote! Need you ask??? John McCain. God be with us as we forage into our uncertain future. J

  6. Cephas says:


    Robert Owens (Independent/Constitutional party) for Ohio AG

    Mike Turner for Congress

  7. dlhitzeman says:

    Well, I still have to ask. I don’t rig my polls like the MSM!

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