Finger pointing

When I point a finger at you, there are three pointing back at me.

Whenever a major political party loses an election, the inevitable result in the days after is recriminations. The losing party feeds on itself as it tries to explain why it lost.

In the case of the 2008 McCain loss, we voting conservatives have no one to blame but ourselves.

You see, the reason John McCain lost is because we did not provide ourselves with a real conservative candidate. There were things to like about John McCain, but at the end of the day, he was not a candidate who truly represented conservatism.

Would a true conservative candidate have meant that he would have won? No, but frankly, he would not have lost any worse than McCain did, and in the mean time, we would not have had to compromise our principles as people or a group to support him. The recriminations would have been a lot less. Fewer of us would have needed to be eaten.

None of this needs to happen again, either. Perhaps the best thing we could do as American conservatives on Nov. 6, 2008 is abandon the Republican party to its cannibalism. In my opinion, that party no longer represents anything I stand for anyway, so who cares if it eats its own head.

Instead, we voting conservatives can take this opportunity to reorganize ourselves. Perhaps this means starting a new party. Perhaps it means abandoning parties altogether.

We have a singular opportunity to reorganize ourselves because we can do so, person by person harnessing the power of the internet. We can start email lists, weblogs, discussion boards, even entire organizations, without every leaving our beds if we like. We can communicate information among ourselves by the speed of meme, a speed Obama’s people proved defies relativity.

By reorganizing ourselves this way, we eliminate the control of the party powerful (they’ll be weakened by blood loss anyway) and make the conservative movement our own. If we do this, I believe we have the opportunity to create an unstoppable force: individual Americans united by the millions for a common cause.

I plan to reorganize whatever the rest of you decide to do. Consider this weblog the first action in this new movement. I hope you will join me in making it nationwide.


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  1. mom says:

    Count me in. I was appalled at the way the Republican wolves turned and attacked Sarah Palin. Whatever her weaknesses she did not deserve to be treated that way by her own! Conservative voters need to act like adults and stand on their own two feet. We need to stand firmly on our beliefs in reducing big government; fiscal responsibility and core conservative values. I am no longer looking for the established Republicans to do this. They have long forgotten who they are.

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