What can I do about it?

In the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election, many conservative voters are left pondering the question “What now?” They are painfully aware that the Republican party no longer represents their interests, and the infighting and character assassination that has followed the Republican defeat reveals the party to be one of self-serving autocrats rather than representatives of conservatism, at least at the leadership level.

The problem that many conservatives have is figuring out how to participate in a political process that has long since ceased to serve them. Unfortunately, many conservatives have fallen into the same trap that so much of the nation as a whole has succumbed to, which is failing to realize that one of the most important responsibilities of a citizen of a democracy is to actively participate in the political process. Granted, many conservatives have replaced this involvement with productive pursuit of jobs, families, and lives, but the cost has been a political system that no longer responds to their will.

So what is a concerned conservative supposed to do about this problem? Unfortunately, the answers are not always easy or clear and most of the answers inherently involve conservatives adding more to their already busy and productive lives. Nevertheless, if conservatives want to take back conservatism and re-secure the principles of republican democracy, they have no choice but to act and to take this responsibility on themselves.

To the end of helping conservatives figure out how best to take on this responsibility, I am launching a new, regular series of posts on Worldview called “What can I do about it?” In addition to this series, I am creating a page on Worldview called “Quid Facis” (roughly “What am I doing” in Latin and the name of a weblog by contributor chrispy85) where I will bookmark all of these posts as well as links to other relevant internet content on taking action.

My hope is that, over the next weeks, months, and even years, these posts will serve to create a foundation and a point of motivation for fellow conservatives who want to do something about making the political system responsive to them.


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