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Solutions in Indiana?

Over the past several days, I have read several articles touting conservatives from Indiana as the future of the chastened Republican party. In the latest, Mitch Daniels, Indiana’s governor, is lauded as a strong fiscal conservative who could lead the party back to its small government roots.

The question for the rest of us, then, is whether we’re ignoring what is going on in Indiana as a source for the future of American conservatism. […] Continue reading

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Lighting up the sky

Worldview Science Item of the Day A probable meteor impacted somewhere near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, giving watchful observers great video and photography of its demise. -=DLH=-

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An enemy of my enemy is…

Worldview Item of the Day

So, the fundamentalist Muslims who control the southern portion of Somalia are threatening to attack the home base city of the pirates who hijacked the Sirius Star, an Arab oil tanker carrying an estimated $100 million in crude oil.

The fundamentalists, called the Shebab (or Shebaab or Shabaab) and a reincarnation of the Islamic Courts Union defeated in late 2006 by an incursion of the Ethiopian army, claim that their beliefs require them to do something about the pirates since piracy is a capital crime in the Koran. Yet, one has to wonder why the Shabab has turned a blind eye on the piracy rampant on Somalia’s coast until it was suddenly worth $100 million dollars. […] Continue reading

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What about Pence?

I do not really know much about Indiana Congressman Mike Pence yet, but he is one of the names consistently coming to the front with regard to the future of the GOP, including a possible presidential bid in 2012. So, … Continue reading

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What can I do about it?

In the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election, many conservative voters are left pondering the question “What now?” Many conservatives are painfully aware that the Republican party no longer represents their interests, and the infighting and character assassination that has followed the Republican defeat reveals the party to be one of self-serving autocrats rather than representatives of conservatism, at least at the leadership level. […] Continue reading

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