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On a planet far, far away

UC Berkeley researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope have produced what may be the first image of a planet outside our solar system. The amazing picture shows a several Jupiter mass planet against a debris field around the star Formalhaut. […] Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

I want to extend a personal, heartfelt thank you to all of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States of America for their past and continuing selfless service to our nation. Too few Americans in … Continue reading

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November 8, 2008 was my last drill with the 269th Combat Communications Squadron. While I officially remain a part of the Ohio Air National Guard until Nov. 28, the 8th was my last opportunity to participate in the monthly ritual that characterizes the service of the citizen airman before I separate. […] Continue reading

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Finger pointing

When I point a finger at you, there are three pointing back at me. Whenever a major political party loses an election, the inevitable result in the days after is recriminations. The losing party feeds on itself as it tries … Continue reading

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One small step…

What am I going to do about the next election?  Sign up with the Montgomery County Republican Party and do some volunteering.  Do I have to call people?  No, not if I don’t want to, but I can stuff envelopes, … Continue reading

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