What dogs can teach us

Worldview Item of the Day

November 28, a temporary employee of Wal-mart was trampled to death by rioting shoppers who broke into the store at five in the morning. The store reopened to shoppers just hours later. This story shows the lack of humanity we have developed as a society. We are no longer human when saving a few bucks on things we do not actually need costs someone their life.

Fortunately, man’s best friend has stepped forward to remind us of what humanity looks like since we have forgotten. First, a dog in Chile selflessly rescued a fellow dog wounded in traffic, an act of heroism and humanity clearly missing when Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death. Second, two puppies followed and kept warm a three-year-old boy after he wandered away from his babysitter and was lost for 21 hours in freezing temperatures and rain.

Certainly, dog stories like these are emotional, but more importantly, they should remind us of who we need to be when we are presented with similar situations as people.


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