The revrend and baby Jesus

It turns out that Alan Colmes, of Hannity and Colmes fame, is leaving FoxNews to pursue other interests. Instead of trying to find a replacement for Colmes, FoxNews has decided that they need an hour of all Hannity. I do not think they tried hard enough.

The first name that jumped into my head for a replacement for Colmes is one of Hannity’s favorite liberal inverviewees: the Revered Al Sharpton.

Ok, stop yelling and think about it. FoxNews wants to be “fair and balanced”? I think they should take it to the next level, “ideological and unhinged”. It would be the best hour on television, like American Idol, Lost, and Suvivor all rolled into one. Just think about it…


BTW: “baby Jesus” is the monkier given to Hannity by Neal Boortz. I did not make it up.

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