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What is really wrong with the economy

Worldview Item of the Day

The US economy does not need any more regulation. We have plenty of laws, and at least some of those laws serve to protect us against people doing things wrong. That is, they protect us from people doing things wrong when they are applied.

It turns out that regulators at the SEC systematically ignored the fraud being perpetrated by Bernard Madoff for at least a decade, thereby failing to perform their role of enforcing the laws the US already has to prevent the very kind of scheme he was operating. In doing so, they not only cost Madoff’s investors more than he had already cost them, but they compromised the integrity of the very agency tasked with regulating activity on US stock markets. […] Continue reading

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Why the bailout plan will fail

The current bailout plan will fail–all of it–because it relies on one specific element to be true to succeed: the good intentions and will of the people running the companies that receive the bailout. FoxNews is reporting the latest reason we should all be skeptical of that good intention and will in the form of the arrest of Bernard Madoff, former NASDAQ chairman and, apparently, swindler who may have cost his “investors” as much as $50 billion. […] Continue reading

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The revrend and baby Jesus

It turns out that Alan Colmes, of Hannity and Colmes fame, is leaving FoxNews to pursue other interests. Instead of trying to find a replacement for Colmes, FoxNews has decided that they need an hour of all Hannity. I do … Continue reading

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Bailing out the wrong people

Worldview Thought for the Day As the drumbeat of government bailout continues, we march further away from bailing out the very people who are most likely to be able to end the current economic downturn and ensure future prosperity for … Continue reading

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Next, a jedi training droid

Worldview Tech Item of the Day FoxNews has an article on Lockheed’s Multiple Kill Vehicle test conducted at Edwards AFB in California at the beginning of December. Explained simply, the MKV is a warhead designed to be attached to a … Continue reading

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