Obama 2.0

So, what happens when a president’s campaign organization continues to exist after he is elected? What exactly does President need 2 million active volunteers for?

Call me paranoid, but it seems to me that when a president is elected, he puts his overt political activities aside in favor of representing the American people as their chief executive. Sure, the progressives and leftists will claim this organization is a continuation of their campaign for change, but that is what revolutionary forces have said since the beginning of time.

A wise man once told me that 10 people dedicated to a common cause and unconcerned with their lives cannot be stopped by any force short of death.  What will two million of them accomplish in the next four years if they retain the zeal they showed getting Obama elected?

The thought makes me shudder.

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2 Responses to Obama 2.0

  1. Keneil says:

    The force called congress will stop them. Plus, when Obama doesn’t provide the instant economic miracles he has promised, the group will fracture.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    I have very little faith in the modern Congress’s ability to do anything except make things worse (e.g.: passing $900 billion spending plans), especially since at least the leadership of the current Congress is already allied with Obama’s 2 million progressive revolutionaries.

    I am growing in certainty that, before the end of Obama’s first term, we will have ceded more of our rights as citizens to the federal government (health care, “job stimulus”, financial regulation, enforced public service, increased taxes) than during any other administration in American history. This is the progressive agenda, and that agenda is not American.

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