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Worldview Web Roundup for 22 January 2009

The Second Street Market –A real farmer’s market in downtown Dayton, Ohio Online “farmer’s market” –Hmm, not so much… The things one finds online Getting it right the second time –Redoing the oath of office, just in case. Second run … Continue reading

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The things one finds online

Tech Item of the Day

It may seem odd, but a group of Virginia Tech grads recently established an online farmer’s market, seeking to replicate the ideas of the local food movement online.

Unfortunately, as cool as this idea might seem on the surface, it specifically violates the ideals of the local food movement. Local food is, you see, local. The idea behind the movement is to buy food from local producers, people less than 100 miles from where you live and when it is in season. […] Continue reading

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Second run

Fortunately for Obama, he can gets a second try on getting the oath right. Hopefully he realizes that most presidential gaffs do not get second chances. Also, it is my opinion that the will of the people reflected by the … Continue reading

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The Daily Beast- Cheat Sheet

Worldview Item of the Day It’s an odd name for a news site, but the Daily Beast reminds me a lot of the Register for news. Among  TDB’s features is the Cheat Sheet, a great distillation of the days headlines … Continue reading

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Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow

It turns out that I am not the only one who sees technology as a significant part of the solution to the current economic woes and the promise for future economic stability. Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow is a group dedicated … Continue reading

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