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$1 trillion dollars

Worldview Item of the Day

So, the Congress is one step closer today to forcing us all into decades of indentured servitude to China and the European Union in order to pay back the debt we will incur when we borrow what will likely be $1 trillion to “stimulate” our economy. […] Continue reading

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One of the interesting things about being a 35-year-old college student is that I am able to see ghosts. Stop laughing; I’m serious.

I’ve been in and out of college for 17 years, and in that time I have discovered that life, in many ways is cyclic and repeating. Things that were true 17 years ago are still true today and will be tomorrow and for years to come. The punk kids are still punks; the idealists are still idealists; the progressives are progressives. […] Continue reading

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