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Worldview Web Roundup for 12 Feb. 2009

Nowhere to hide. –Gigapixel special forces camera will show military forces whether the enemy has shaved, what he ate for dinner, and exactly how many rounds are left in his rifle. Who investigates a space collision? –Satellites collide in space … Continue reading

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First Blood

I found out this afternoon that the anthology containing my very first published work of fiction, Gravity Fiction, is now available through Amazon and BookSurge. -=DLH=-

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Creating Jobs

Does anyone else realize that creating jobs is not the same as stimulating the economy?

The mediawaves are full of all of this nonsense about how the economy has shed this many jobs and this many people are unemployed and we need to create jobs.

Now, if we take a breath for a moment, we can talk about how silly this all is. […] Continue reading

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Worldview Item of the Day According to the first reports scuttling around the internet, Americans can expect to see an average of $13 per week on their paychecks after the government spending stimulus plan goes into effect this spring. That’s … Continue reading

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