Deducing a needle in a haystack?

Worldview Item of the Day

A group of UCLA geographers believe that they have discovered the location of Osama bin Laden through the use of deductive reasoning and advanced satellite imagery.

While it may be difficult to prove their theory–perhaps a few new missile strikes are in order?–their research brings up interesting possibilities for the ongoing prosecution of the Long War and future conflicts.

There has often been a lot of distrust between the academic community and the military, some of it deserved by either side. Nevertheless, academia has something the military needs very badly: large groups of people who are willing to work intently on a problem until they solve it.

I have often wondered why the DoD-really, most government agencies–does not actively seek out the opinions and participation of academics and other intelligent people to take a look at its problems and come up with creative solutions. Even if only a small percentage of such solutions work, the outcome is worth the cost, from my perspective.

Maybe these UCLA people offer up the first test of such an idea. I hope they are right, and I hope it makes something happen.

h/t: Jungle Trader


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