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Being a college student, I find myself in the unique position of being able to overhear all kinds of conversations between my fellow college students. While many of those conversations are unremarkable, the one I followed through the skywalk today was astonishing. I can sum it up in a single quote:

“I’m glad Obama is raising taxes. Nobody needs $250,000 anyway.”

At that moment, I realized that the emphatic socialist education forced on children by unaware parents and the public schools has finally succeeded in brainwashing the natural profit motive out of American children.

This overheard conversation is even more interesting to me because of another, unrelated conversation I was recently involved in at my church Bible class. In this conversation, parents with children who attend or have attended public schools vigorously defended their choice as serving to prepare their children for dealing with the world by exposing them to the world’s ideas, which they believe they are able, with diligence, to explain away.

What strikes me as remarkable about these parents’ arguments is that they believe that they are capable of resisting the overwhelming force the sinful world arrays against them and their children even as they immerse their children in the world. Certainly, some of their children manage to survive thirteen years of indoctrination with their faith and worldview intact, but at the obvious cost of many, many more pried away by the secular-humanist indoctrination public education provides.

I believe this issue reveals that Christian parents and children have fallen prey to the most basic of Satan’s lies: that we can somehow avoid the consequences of being part of the world and partake of what the world has to offer us without receiving its taint. It is that lie that caused Adam and Eve to fall into sin, and it is that lie that continues to lead millions away from Christ to their own damnation.Perhaps the problem is that we have come to believe that the world’s insistence that we achieve a worldly education is as important-maybe even more important-as our Christian objective of reaching heaven. As a result, we are willing to take the risk of losing the latter to achieve the former.

Does this conclusion mean that parents should rush out and pull their children out of public schools? Perhaps. I believe the question is complicated enough that parents must carefully consider the answer. Certainly, each situation is unique, and not every school district is the same, but I believe parents must consider every situation against what must be a Christian parent’s goal for his child: equipping that child to reach heaven.

If what I heard today is any indication, Satan is winning. What Christian parents have to decide is whether they should risk their children as his next victims.


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