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So let me get this straight…

For months now, General Motors has been spending billions in taxpayer money to continue to ineffeciently manufacture low-quality products that no one wants to buy, and now, after all of this has occured, the government is goint to force GM into bankruptcy anyway? Continue reading

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Tangos down

Worldview Item of the Day

So, we finally let our fine US Military do what it was capable of doing since the first moment four Somali tribesmen armed with AKs set out in a motor launch with an American citizen as a hostage from a ship they had raided:

They took the bastards out. Continue reading

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Return from the dark ages

Since the end of December, my wife and I have been conducting an experiment to see if it was possible to live in the internet age using only free internet service. Last Friday, we turned our home internet service back … Continue reading

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