Return from the dark ages

Since the end of December, my wife and I have been conducting an experiment to see if it was possible to live in the internet age using only free internet service. Last Friday, we turned our home internet service back on.

Now, this does not mean that the experiment was a failure, but the last straw was the fact that she is teaching a class online this quarter, which is hard to do when one has to go someplace to access the internet. Nevertheless, I would call the experiment a qualified success.

It was a qualified success becuase not having home internet service requires significant changes to the modern lifestyle. Our experiment proved that it is possible not to have internet access at home, but it is damned inconvenient.

One of the positive results of having access at home again is that I will be able to get Worldview back up and running again. We’ll see if that is a good or a bad thing.


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