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So, we finally let our fine US Military do what it was capable of doing since the first moment four Somali tribesmen armed with AKs set out in a motor launch with an American citizen as a hostage from a ship they had raided:

They took the bastards out.

They were all clean head shots taken while the Somali khat chewers had an AK pointed at their hostage’s back. The only thing that prevented this event from occurring days ago was the belief by our current administration that pirates can be reasoned with.

Personally, I think an American crew, freed by their own guile, determination, and the proper application of force is very effective reasoning. Sure, the hand-wringers in DC are already worrying that this event will escalate the violence, but I ask those who are worrying: to what end?

What capacity do Somali goat-herders with cut rate Chinese rifles have to resist us if we truly decide to put an end to this pirate problem? I say let those three shots be the first of many. The last I heard, dead pirates are not very good at their jobs.


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