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Why the unmanaged economy works

Worldview Item of the Day

The Economist has a great article up about why the American economy works without overbearing government regulation: the dynamism of a system where people and businesses are allowed to succeed and fail in unending repetition based on opportunity.

The reason the American economy works is the same reason that living beings work. The human body, as an example, is constantly rebuilding itself by killing off malfunctioning cells and structures and replacing them with new cells and structures. In the economy, the failure of businesses creates opportunities for new business or for the growth of businesses in other areas than the ones that have failed. […] Continue reading

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A Christian nation no more?

Worldview Item of the Day

It’s sometimes hard to tell from the distance of national news whether or not a story is everything it appears to be, yet, if this story is being told how it happened, then we are on the last leg of the course that will inevitably dismantle the last vestiges of the idea that we live in a Christian nation. […] Continue reading

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Speaking of ambition

On the same day that North Korea decided to conduct its second nuclear test, Iran decided to sail six of its warships into international waters, including the strategically important Gulf of Aden, in the continuation of defiant military maneuvers that … Continue reading

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What doing something looks like

His may be an extreme example, but if you are looking for what “doing something” looks like, look no further than Michael Yon. I regularly pray that I will grow to be even half the man he has already proven … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2009

Today we honor our fallen warriors, Americans lost to battles past and those laid to rest in the passage of time. Their sacrifices are part of the reason we have the nation we have today. […] Continue reading

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