What’s the deal with Worldview?

If anyone is still checking, he or she will have noticed that there has not been a lot of posting on Worldview recently. There are two reasons for this that I hope to resolve soon.

First, Worldview has suffered from what so many weblogs suffer from: the lack of priority that comes with writing for free. In the past few months, blogging has been supplanted by school, work, other writing gigs, and getting published. My goal is to carve out some time amidst all of those other things so that Worldview can continue.

Second, my reasons for writing Worldview are… changing is not the right word, but neither is being refined. One of the reasons that I started writing this weblog was to have a venue for expressing my opinions on the world–my worldview. What I have discovered over the past year is that my writing has not been adaquately expressing my worldview and that my worldview itself is becoming more focused than ever before. It is my hope to explain exactly what that means in future posting on this site.


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2 Responses to What’s the deal with Worldview?

  1. djhitz says:

    How about “CHARGING” instead of “changing”. Get paid for writing. Then all this schooling, will pay off. Don’t charge for Worldview, though. Because…well.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    I’d love to get paid to write, but unfortunately, writing is a cruel gig. Most employers want proof that you can write successfully and consistently before they will hire you, which means writing for free until they believe you.

    I wouldn’t call it so much change and sharpening of focus, but that statement might just be semantics.

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