One of the most complicated things I have done in a really long time

So, I decided on Wednesday night to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 on my newer laptop (why I have a newer laptop is another story in itself).

It has been a long since I have had to work so hard to make a computer work.

In the mean time, I learned a whole bunch of things, including the fact that the Windows Installer has  nuclear option (use with extreme caution) and that Adobe is one of the most arrogant software companies on the planet (they actually recommend reinstalling Windows as a troubleshooting step).

Long story short: if you are installing CS3 on any version of Windows Vista 64, you have to install the Adobe Acrobat 8.0 licensing service update before you try to run any of the software, even if you do not install Acrobat itself.

Also learned:

  • Windows Vista 64 does not automatically register the 32-bit versions of many DLLs, including ones need by CS3 for installs. This problem can be fixed following the instructions on this weblog.
  • Using the previously mentioned Windows Installer Cleanup Tool can really dork up your Office 2007 install. The solution for this problem can be found on this forum post.
  • Windows Vista security permissions are a cast iron bitch. Whoever came up with that scheme for security permissions should be flogged.

Finally, these guys don’t know what they didn’t hire.


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