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Nuclear Ambitions

Worldview Item of the Day

North Korea has attempted another nuclear test, making this the second time in two-and-a-half years the nation has flaunted its international agreements and attempted to bully the world into doing what it wants.

The problem nations like North Korea and Iran present transcend politics. North Korea is a rouge state, now in possession of nuclear weapons, and I believe, unafraid to use them. […] Continue reading

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One of the most complicated things I have done in a really long time

So, I decided on Wednesday night to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 on my newer laptop (why I have a newer laptop is another story in itself).

It has been a long since I have had to work so hard to make a computer work. […] Continue reading

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No means no

From an email I recently received from a human relations department of a company where I had applied for several jobs: Dear Dennis Hitzeman, Thank you again for your interest in employment with [company to which I applied].  We have … Continue reading

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Dennis needs a job

As it turns out, being an under-employed college student who writes mostly for free does not pay very well, and as I have mentioned before, the finances have been tight recently. As a result, I am looking for some kind … Continue reading

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The end of the corporate free market

Congratulations! Pending judicial approval of a potential General Motors bankruptcy filing, as a taxpayer, you will own 1/138,000,000 of that company’s “healthy” assets. […] Continue reading

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