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Is it all a ruse?

After all, just beneath the thin veneer of West-pleasing democratic motions lies the dictatorship of the Grand Ayatollah. That same dictatorship underlay the previous administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That same dictatorship has been behind Iran’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs since the 1980s.

I am not saying that the millions of people protesting all over Iran are not sincere. Instead, I am saying that the same dictatorship of the Grand Ayatollah that has been orchestrating things in Iran since it first overthrew the Shaw in 1979 could very likely be allowing the events unfolding there now for its own purposes.

We cannot forget that the public face of the Grand Ayatollah is that of a Shi’a true believer, which, among other things, means that he believes in the inevitable conquest of Islam and the coming of the Mahdi upon the completion of that conquest. The fall of Iran to the dictatorship of the Grand Ayatollah was just the first part of that conquest as is taught everyday in Iranian mosques and schools.

So, why go through the process currently underway? To fool Westerners who look for any hope that diplomacy and and calls for liberty might be working, all the while to continue the pursuit of the very goals first set in motion in 1979.

Keep in mind that Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Ahmadinejad’s opponent who claims the election was stolen from him, was only able to run for president at all because the Grand Ayatollah said he could. The same Ayatollah who told Ahmadinejad he could run. The same one who continues to approve Iran’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs.

As a result of all of these facts, I wonder if it is all a ruse.

If I were the Grand Ayatollah, and I wanted to turn down the international heat on my continued defiance of the world community, I might just stage an election where a hardliner appears to have stollen the presidency then allow him to be swept away in an outpouring of national sentiment for the supposed center-liberal candidate. I might even let this new president engage in superficial dialog with the West, all the while knowing that I am still dictator and can do whatever I want.

And I would be pretty pleased with myself when it works to distract the rest of the world from my illicit weapons programs until the day I reveal that I have them, or perhaps even better, I use them.

Hence the reason that I wonder if it is all a ruse.


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