Coup defined, American leftist style.

Worldview Thought for the Day

I’ve learned some interesting things as I continue to follow the developments in the standoff between the constitutional government of Honduras and the rest of the leftist world. Most interestingly, I have learned that American leftists in particular have some very interesting views on what a coup is:

  • It is most definitely a coup any time a military uses force (kidnapped at bayonet-point was one claim) to remove an elected leader from office, even if said use of force happened because the elected leader was breaking the law and violating the constitution.
  • It is most definitely a coup when the legislature and supreme court decide to enforce the constitution when that constitution was written by people, during a time, or under circumstances American leftists disagree with or dislike.
  • It is most definitely a coup if anyone gets killed during a constitutional crisis, especially if those killed are supporters of leftists.
  • It is most definitely a coup if the constitutional power of the executive falls to the person who is constitutionally next in line to be the executive, especially if that person is not a leftist.

All of these views lead me to understand why American leftists treat our own Constitution and military with such disdain. The thought that the forty upper-middle class, predominantly Christian white men who signed that document actually meant what they said and wanted the country to be governed only by its words must send shivers down their spines. The words “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” must give them nightmares.


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