Something to think about at the polls tomorrow

If you are one of the small fraction of voters, who themselves represent a small fraction of eligible Americans, who vote tomorrow, here are some things to think about while you’re touching screens or punching chads:

How did all these things get on the ballot?  Do the candidates and issues on the ballot even represent you, your concerns, and your interests? Is voting “yes” or “no”, or for this candidate or for that all there is to republican democracy?

It is far too easy for us to think we are doing our duty to democracy by standing in line and picking from the narrow list of choices someone else has already made for us on one or two days of the year. In thinking that way, we concede our well-being and our way of life to the few thousands of people who actively and energetically participate in the political process the other 363 or 364 days.

Do you even know who those people are? Do you trust them to pick candidates and issues that best represent you?

If not, what are you going to about it?


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