Because we’re broke

Fearsome Tycoon over at Cruising Down the Coast of the High Barbaree brings up yet another reason why the unchecked spending our government(s) are engaged in now threaten our future: such activities are among the the hallmarks of the declines and collapses of past great civilizations.

I bet they all thought it couldn’t happen to them either.


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2 Responses to Because we’re broke

  1. cathy albea says:

    I look forward in your blogs. I can’t wait for next the one to come about. Don’t the government think that “we” the citizens don’t read or care about what happens to the

    I am glad a young people are standing up and taking a stand and look at the country and the world. I am sorry that we the older generation is making a mess out of this.

    • dlhitzeman says:

      Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that too many people don’t care about what happens, and the politicians depend on that fact to do what they’re doing right now. The number of people like us who do care and do want to do something about it grows smaller everyday.

      Then again, it was only 3 percent of the colonists who led and fought the Revolution that got this whole thing started. I had a college professor who once said that ten people dedicated to a particular cause and unafraid of the consequences could accomplish anything they set their collective minds to. I think a lot of people are dedicated right now, but not enough people are willing to act yet.

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