Dear Mr. President…

If you want to create jobs, make it easier for the job creators to do so. Here are some things you could do right now that would result in almost immediate job creation:

  • Stop targeting the job creators to pay for all of your social service initiatives. I know it’s easy to imagine that the top income earners are a bunch of jet-set socialites living off their daddies’ investment income, but really most of them are the people who make our economy work through their own hard work or investment. $250,000 a year isn’t really a lot of money, and that money probably came from a small business you need to start hiring people in order to get them back to work.
  • Make stimulus money directly available to small businesses to cover over the credit freeze. I know your stimulus is supposed to have programs to do just that thing, but they’re not working, Mr. Obama. Skip the red tape on this one and liberate the Small Business Administration to make direct, government backed loans to businesses who need the capital without involving banks and more red tape. If you free up business capital, you will free up the ability of those businesses to hire.
  • Make an honest effort to reduce red tape and streamline business relationships with the government. I know from personal experience that one of the biggest impediments to starting and maintaining the very kinds of businesses you want to start hiring people is the crushing mountain of bureaucracy and red tape that constantly distracts business owners from the jobs they would really rather be doing. I know that you can’t do anything about local and state laws, but you could lead the charge and set an example at the federal level. In other words, make it easy for business owners to run their businesses without government interference, and they will have more time and energy to make the money necessary to hire more people.
  • Enact a business tax holiday. This will be the hardest thing for you to do, Mr. President, but it will be the thing you could do to have the greatest and most lasting impact on the economy and job creation. Present Congress with a bold plan to write off business taxes for the first quarter of 2010. You’ve already spent $2 trillion trying to get the economy going without much success, so this amount of money won’t make things much worse, but what it will do is free up billions in capital businesses are holding back against tax bills they still have to pay in the face of a fragile economy.

The thing you have to remember, Mr. President, is that the government doesn’t create jobs or wealth. All the government can do is regulate. If you want business to hire, help them be able to do so by getting rid of the government barriers to job creation.


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2 Responses to Dear Mr. President…

  1. djhitz says:

    Our president is the perfect guy to usher our broken country into socialism and he’s doing it, too.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    I think the American people might be more resilient that any of us give them credit for. Americans have a tendency to wait until the last second to realize that something is going badly and to try to do something to fix it.

    I’m starting to see evidence that some sort of turn around is taking place, but we’ll see what the outcome might be.

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