This is science?

There are people who claim that my skepticism of modern scientific claims about the environment and evolution stem from a lack of understanding rooted in the fact that I am a Christian. Their claim is that, because I have faith in a higher being whose existence I cannot prove through observational methodology (a claim that begs many questions), I have abandoned the rational thinking necessary to understand how the universe, as observed through science, really is.

To the contrary, I claim that my skepticism about scientific claims about the environment and evolution stem from a clear understanding of scientific method and a thoughtful evaluation of the evidence presented that I believe is clearly missing from my critics’ own analysis of what they believe is scientific fact. The recent and growing furor over the “Climategate” emails from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit add strength to my view.

Now, I think the next shoe is dropping in this debate over skepticism. What do science believers have to say when scientists who have been censored in the name of presenting consensus come forward with their own evidence? I will let Mr. Michaels tell his own story, but I know what my conclusions are already.

Modern science has failed its own tests. Science is an enterprise that, in its purest form, is a quest of discovery, not a campaign to prove. Any scientist that refuses to consider and deal with evidence that does not support his hypothesis is no longer a scientist; at best he is a theologian and at worst he is a charlatan.

Environmental and evolutionary science have many, potentially great things to offer mankind as they answer questions about the nature of life and living, but those sciences have been hijacked by people who are desperate to prove what they believe is true at the cost of truth itself. Ironically, as a man of faith, I know exactly what that kind of thing looks like, which is why it is so easy for me to see it in science.

What is missing from science is skepticism and the willingness to believe what the evidence, whatever it might be. When part of the evidence has been suppressed, what is the truth?


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