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High praise indeed

Via BlackFive, an interesting article from a French infantryman about his time with American infantrymen in Afghanistan. Perhaps, it’s proof positive that we still have the best military on the planet. I wonder if there’s anyone in the White House … Continue reading

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This is science?

There are people who claim that my skepticism of modern scientific claims about the environment and evolution stem from a lack of understanding rooted in the fact that I am a Christian. Their claim is that, because I have faith … Continue reading

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Flying monkey business

Via the excellent weblog Jungle Trader comes the story of taekwondo trained monkeys who turned on their master. Let this be a warning to us all: leave the monkeys in the jungle where they belong. All this teaching them sign … Continue reading

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Contract warfare

The internet is awash in a story originating from the Wall Street Journal about how Iranian-backed insurgents in Iraq have “hacked” raw feeds from Predator drones in service there using cheap, commercially available software. While this development is troubling, it … Continue reading

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Worldview update randomness

You might notice some strange things happening on Worldview over the next couple of weeks as I add some new features to this weblog and to some other websites that I have recently created. Specifically, you might see some posts … Continue reading

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