Chrome gets way cooler

Somehow I missed that Google’s browser, Chrome, which I have been using since Firefox stopped working on my Vista machine about a month ago, got updated earlier this week. Updates aren’t always that exciting, but this one for Chrome added two great capabilities: extensions and bookmark syncing.

First, extensions allow me to add all of the features I missed from the Google Toolbar in Firefox to Chrome, especially very useful tools like page translation and instant access to Google Docs. Now, Chrome functions like one big toolbar with better performance and stability to sweeten the deal.

Second, bookmark sync allows me to actively store all of my bookmarks in my Google account and access those same bookmarks on any computer using Chrome, including syncing changes between those different machines.

Google’s recent advances with the Chrome browser give me a lot of hope for their upcoming Chrome OS for netbooks. If they manage to pull off the same functionality and make Chrome/Chrome OS/Android all cross-compatible, especially with regard to apps, they might just succeed in their attempt to conquer the information age.


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