First encounter

Last night was my first attempt to put my newly delcared local focus into action. We went shopping at a local grocery in Greenville, Ohio called Eikenberry’s (they don’t have a website, so I can’t link to it).

Predictably, shopping was pretty hard because even local stores carry national brands, but Eikenberry’s is kind of unique for a small-town IGA style store, and they carry a lot of locally grown or produced foods. The result was that every item we purchased was at least made in Ohio except one, some clementines from California (can’t grow those in Ohio, but at least they weren’t from Spain, right?)

An interesting side effect of our first experiment was that we only purchased two items of processed food: some Queen City sausages (made in Porkopolis) and some Skyline chili in a can (also from said porcine city). Apparently, eating more locally means eating more healthily too.


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