Economy busting budgets

Can someone please explain this to me because I don’t understand how it works: How does more than $5 trillion in deficit spending in four years and more than $1 trillion in new taxes, whoever they might be against, help stimulate the economy and create jobs for the more than 7 million Americans currently unemployed?

How does a budget for fiscal year 2011 that does not balance even when all spending except Medicare and Social Security are removed reflect a government in tune with national priorities? How does increasing the national debt in by 150 percent in for years make us into a better nation?

While we’re at it, I want someone to tell me again how $5 trillion in one year compares to $1 trillion in eight. How does the Bush spending on Afghanistan and Iraq compare to more than $4 trillion in spending on social programs no one in Washington or anywhere else has any idea how to pay for?

Now, what are you going to do about it? I can guarantee come September or, more likely December or January, our Congress will send a version of the 2011 budget that looks a lot like the one in play now to the President to sign. If you vote for a single one of the people who vote for it, you get what you deserve.

If you’re mad, what are you doing? If you’re not doing, why?

Get to work, people, they’re taking your country away.


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