And you’re still defending climate science as overwhelming and irrefutable?

Via Cranach: researchers studying the nature of climate science discover that climate scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration manipulated climate data measurements by selectively eliminating the number of data collection stations:

In a January 29 report, they find that starting in 1990, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began systematically eliminating climate measuring stations in cooler locations around the world. Yes, that’s right. They began eliminating stations that tended to record cooler temperatures and drove up the average measured temperature. The eliminated stations had been in higher latitudes and altitudes, inland areas away from the sea, as well as more rural locations. The drop in the number of weather stations was dramatic, declining from more than 6,000 stations to fewer than 1,500.

Read the whole source article, then I would like someone who still believes in the legitimacy of climate change science to explain to me how this is not what it looks like.

Unless someone can, then I believe the evidence is clear: climate change science, at least how it has been presented to date, is a lie that millions of people have fallen for while ceding their liberty to increased government mandates to fight something that does not exist.


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1 Response to And you’re still defending climate science as overwhelming and irrefutable?

  1. djhitz says:

    The planet is getting closer to the sun and the magma core of the earth is getting hotter. What is so hard to figure out? If Yellowstone volcano erupts. We’ll all be dead in an hour and Ken Salazar and Al gore’s, profits and kickbacks won’t mean a thing.
    These meteorologists and climatologists who fudge the count went to school to pay off their student loans at our expense. Of course they’re going to cheat a little on the numbers to shock a little more money out of us.
    The main fact is though that the ice caps and glaciers are melting at a rapid rate. As long as it still gets cold in the winter, people are still going to think, there’s no, real threat. These scientists and people out in the field seeing this melting go on first hand are trying to televise it and bring onto out tellies, aren’t providing enough of a wake up.
    Just, good luck staying warm this winter, ladies and gentlemen. God bless you.

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