Did the Democrats see their own shadows?

What’s up with the once mighty party of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid? Did the election of one Republican to a traditionally Democrat seat unsettle them that much?

Seriously, Democrats seem to be jumping like rats off a sinking ship, with Evan Bayh being the latest incumbent to give up an otherwise safe seat. How can a party have such a solid majority, yet be unable to pass meaningful legislation pulled right from their party platform or to keep reliable incumbents in the Congress?

Unfortunately, these incumbents are leaving vacuums in their place. Both Republicans and Democrats will put up more of the same to contend for those seats, and no one seems to be ready to put up alternatives to the same lame (D) and (R) politics, so instead of voting for something new and better, we’ll be voting for the same lesser evils in November. That is, unless you refuse to and demand something better. There’ still time for that kind of action in this long, cold winter of the Democrat party.


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