The self-executing republic

The threat to use the so-called self-executing rule to pass health care legislation by the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives represents the latest example of a growing trend on the part of the oligarchs in government at all levels to ignore the principles that established our republic. Whether one is talking about deeming a bill passed or preventing a bill from being passed by filibuster, our legislative branch has ceased to represent anything but its own interests, which seems to be increasing the power of its own oligarchy.

Consider the health care legislation itself. Its major features are that it will cost almost $900 billion over a ten year period, five of which that will be spent collecting the money needed to fund the other five. It will demand that every American to buy a specific type of government mandated health coverage regardless of whether anyone can afford it or suffer a 2.5 percent of that American’s income being taken by the government by force. It will take money from people who earn more than $250,000, again by government force, and give it to people who have done nothing to earn it because the oligarchs in power and their sycophants think it should be that way.

Welcome to the rule of the mob, circa 2010.

Our republic cannot survive this kind of strain without the kind of consequences most Americans find unimaginable. The principles that founded the United States–the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, just to name a few–cannot survive rule by fiat, sanctioned theft by government force, nor the secession of liberty to an ever-shrinking group of political demagogues whose goal is their own power. Libertarian republican democracy can only survive when it is protected from these very kinds of threats.

Welcome to new feudalism, circa 2010.

The only hope in what is happening is that history tells us it is not unique to us. It happened to Athens. It happened to Rome. It happened to Britain. It happened to France. Nations begin with hope, then enslave themselves to dictatorship, then collapse into chaos before being reborn again as something else. Ours will to, though for those living through that time, the experience will be anything but pleasant.

Welcome to the birth of the next revolution, circa 2010.

The only question that remains is what you will do to survive it.


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