Government takeover

For the moment, socialists across the United States can bask in the glow of achieving government mandated health care that the majority of them don’t have to pay for directly but that we will all still be paying for generations from now.

I still wonder why it is that so many people are still willing to vote for and believe the promises of oligarchical politicians who have never managed to deliver on a single one of their social welfare promises. Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security are going bankrupt. Government mandated primary and secondary education systems fail to graduate as many as 60 percent of their students in some places. Poverty levels continue to rise and increasing numbers of recipients never escape welfare programs. Yet, the ideologues who see the government as the solution for everything believe that government mandated health care will somehow defy the odds and succeed.

I wonder what the excuses will be 1o years from now when it is not succeeding while the US debt load has exceeded 100 percent of the GDP and the economy has only grown a few percent over the previous decade. If history is any indication, supporters of the current bill will develop a case of simultaneous collective amnesia about how they supported this disaster while blaming its failure on lack of funding.

As for me and my house, we are actively preparing for what may come next. I suggest everyone else consider doing the same thing as well.


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