Where to start

Yesterday, I challenged my readers to start solving the political problems our nation faces now. But, such a challenge is a little worthless if no one knows where to start, so today I will tell you.

First, beginning this year, the state of Ohio will recognize six political primaries for the primary election on 4 May 2010: Constitution, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Republican, and Socialist. Each of these parties has been identified by the Ohio Secretary of State to have garnered enough votes to warrant their own primary.

In order to vote in one of these primaries, you must declare for a specific party, otherwise you can only vote for whatever issues apply to that precinct. Declaring for a party does not mean that you have joined that party, although if you consistently vote for candidates from a particular party, it becomes your de facto party from my point of view.

For the 4 May primary, it is too late to participate in the process by which candidates get onto the ballot because that deadline was at the beginning of March, but it is not too late for you to start participating for future elections. Beginning today, I have begun to compile a list of links to various political organizations so that you can contact them and begin your participation.

Democracy only works if people participate, and you have to participate if you want an outcome that works for you. Now is the time, so get moving.


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