The second slump?

The Dow is down hard for the third consecutive day, dropping 980 points at one point on investor worries over the growing crisis in Greece and predictions that Spain and Britain may not be that far behind.

So, what’s your plan?

Seriously, the history of the world is the history of upswings and downswings that regularly prompt all kinds of upheaval along the way. Just because the industrialized world in 2010 is technologically advanced and has access to all kind of information previous generations did not have does not mean that it is immune to the same forces that have built up and taken down great societies of the past.

If you depend on someone else for all of your income, on centralized production and distribution for all of your welfare, and on others for your defense and safety, what are you going to do if some or all of those systems fail? How are you going to feed, clothe, and shelter yourself if you can’t run down to the local big box store?

So, what’s your plan?

Too many people think that what I am saying is paranoid, delusional, and that it can’t happen, but that is what people have thought throughout history as their great nations have succumbed to the forces of entropy, apathy, arrogance, and greed. It can happen to us, in 2010, in the United States.

When it does, even if our nation survives, it will survive changed. The things we currently take for granted may cease to exist to be replaced by things we barely recognize from the original. If you can find someone who lived through it, ask a survivor of the Great Depression what America was like before and after or read about how it changed from before the Civil War to after to see how it can and has happened.

So, what’s your plan?

I’m not saying that you should sell everything and move to a primitive cabin in Montana or anything like that (at least not for these reasons), but you should be thinking about how you will take care of yourself and those you care about if things go badly. It could be as simple as establishing a small stockpile of supplies and planting a garden. It could be as big as deciding it’s time to establish a self-sufficient living arrangement.

Whatever you decide, I am growing in certainty that you are running out of time to do it. The wind has kicked up and the storm clouds are gathering. The signs are all there if you bother to pay attention to them. There is still time, but there may not be much more.

So, what’s your plan?


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