Who’d’a thought

The government doesn’t have a Super Ninja Emergency Oil Spill Response Team just waiting to swoop out of a secret lair and save the day?

“To push BP out of the way, it would raise the question, to replace them with what?” Allen asked. “They’re exhausting every technical means possible to deal with that leak. … I am satisfied with the coordination that’s going on. … There’s no reason to make a change.” –Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen, via Politico


“Lambasting BP and the Coast Guard as unresponsive, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to build a wall of sand to prevent the BP oil spill from coming ashore. It’s not clear whether he has the authority to adopt such a plan or whether it would even work.” —The Christian Science Monitor

So let me get this straight: only the federal government has the authority to respond to a natural disaster? Frankly, give the federal government the bird, Governor Jindal, and try your plan. It’s more than they’ve got, and right now you need to help your state.


Wake up people: the federal government is the Dependent Piper happily playing as it leads you all off a cliff onto sharp rocks and heavy surf below.


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2 Responses to Who’d’a thought

  1. Chris Muir says:

    Thank you for posting the toon,DLH! 🙂

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    You’re welcome, Chris.

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