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On Philosophy

…[P]hilosophy is not a senseless parade of abstractions created to fill out the ritual at cocktail parties or in Sunday morning services. It is not a ponderous Continental wail of futility resonating with Oriental overtones. It is not a chess … Continue reading

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Farming: The cost of food

I recently came across an article on Gizmag.com about AeroFarms urban vertical aeroponic systems. I found the article to be an interesting and exciting description of yet another way for humans to grow food in environments where food production has been traditionally difficult or impossible. What caught my attention more than the article, though, were the […] Continue reading

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No, no I’m not a rationalist

A continued popular thread around the internet is the self-declared righteousness of so-called rationalists: that is, people who believe that everything in the universe and outside of it can be explained only by empirical observation that accumulates facts that then, … Continue reading

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