Declaration versus Constitution

Ok, people, in case you missed this at some point, the Declaration of Independence is the document our nation was founded upon because if formally severed the governance ties of all 13 colonies from British rule. The Revolutionary War established our nation through armed conflict with the British who rejected our declaration of independence. The Constitution of the United States governs our nation that was formed by a formal declaration of independence and established through armed conflict.

Why are these distinctions important? Because, if you do not believe the self-evident truths espoused in the Declaration of Independence, then you do not believe in libertarianism as it was applied by the colonists fighting for independence or as the newly free Americans framed it in the Constitution. If you do not believe in that kind of libertarianism, then what do you believe in?

You see, the problem is that too many people reject two basic tenets of the Declaration of Independence in modern times: First, that each individual person has the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness on his own terms without interference from the government or other individuals, and second, that groups of people have the right to reject government  they do not like and to replace it with one they do like.

If you reject these tenets, then you also reject the fundamental spirit of America’s foundation, establishment, and governance.


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