The “Endless” war ends

In case you missed it, on 18 August 2010, the last American combat brigade left Iraq, signaling the end to the endless war in Iraq, or at least the official end to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Granted, this withdrawal represents a mixed success, but so far Iraq has not imploded, degenerated into civil war, or been invaded by any of its neighbors. For an effort described by defeatists as being a quagmire, a disaster, and a failure, it certainly seems like things have worked out in ways that don’t look much like any of those things.

Now, Iraq still has a chance to become a lot of things, but one of the interesting elements of what it will become is that it will happen because Iraqis decide they will, not because Americans forced them to. Isn’t that part of what we set out to do to begin with?

Sometimes, it seems, endless has a good ending.


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2 Responses to The “Endless” war ends

  1. Keba says:

    So now what do people have to moan about if “endless” has ended?

  2. Bacon Ninja says:

    @Keba Here’s my guess as to the most likely suspects:

    1 – No Obama Memorial built in DC yet
    2 – Rich people still have a little bit of money that hasn’t been taxed
    3 – Our grandkids still have a little bit of potential earnings that haven’t been spent
    4 – Obama STILL hasn’t paid my mortgage
    5 – Ditto for the pony I was supposed to get
    6 – Sarah Palin’s not yet having been filleted in public and her uterus sent to the four corners of the nation as a warning
    7 – Israel still exists
    8 – No cure yet for sputtering incoherently while flailing one’s arms about and dancing on one foot, or as Joe Biden calls it, “Mellow Tuesdays”
    9 – Opposition protesters still running around petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances like they have a freakin’ Constitutional right to do so or something
    10 – Some Americans still haven’t been called racist, bigoted idiots yet by the government

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