Today, I am more sad for my nation than I have been in years.

Nine years ago today, self-sworn enemies of life, liberty, and happiness struck at the heart of a people who asked no quarrel. Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda launched an attack against the United States that claimed nearly 3000 lives and change the world forever.

Yet, those enemies could not have known how well they succeeded, because the injury they inflicted that day was far more grievous than lives lost or property destroyed. That day, they cut through the tissue, sinew, and bone that helped hold this fractious melting pot called the United States together and exposed its dysfunctional guts to the entire world.

In the nine years since our enemies first inflicted that injury, we have done a far better job of making it worse than any attack or deaths might have been able to do. We are ripping ourselves apart at the seams, and our enemies rejoice at every additional wound.

Some will seek to chastise me for this post, condemning me and claiming that I am using this sacred day for a political point, yet I wonder how much they know or even remember about that day. I wonder how much they understand or even care about the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have sacrificed life and limb, time and treasure to do whatever it takes to ensure such a day never happens again. I wonder if they understand what it takes to secure and exercise life, liberty, and happiness to its fullest.

The events of 9-11 changed the world forever, whether anyone acknowledges that fact or not. Just look around you and you can see that change. And, if you truly see, you will be sad with me.


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5 Responses to 9-11

  1. djhitz says:

    “Consider yourself duly chastised for making a political point on such a sacred day. Don’t walk away without praying to Jesus for praise and forgiveness. The best work we can do in combatting the decadence, these corrupted minds started is to stay on the righteous path determined by “The Word” of our God who does not want us to hurt to punish, decadence. “We take the sword… We turn the other cheek… We do unto others… An eye for an eye… You shall not kill… and we shouldn’t really let those enemies know how we feel if we feel bad about it. I’m going to tell you about, my, honest decadance. I’m going to eat ice cream in bed and watch Usama Tim Laden and Muhammed Attah blow up New York for the dozenth time watching TV while wearing my pajamas in the good ol’, USA because it’s the best place where we all (who can muster it) should be. If those terrorists want disguise themselves as a monster and hold me down and shove scorpions and spiders down my throat then I dare them to come to my house right now and try it and they’ll see all the decadent action they want. But, what I truly would like them to do is come to the church, where I was confirmed, married or baptized in and call God, Jehovah or Yaweh and praise His, Son Yeshuah or esus Christ and receive, His Spirit in their hearts. Then we won’t have to talk about decadence sadness.”

  2. djhitz says:

    J-E-S-U-S, type-O Excuse me.

  3. djhitz says:

    Usama’s quote said that radical Islam loves death and Americans loved life. My Christian family loves, life indeed and even after the body dies with Jesus our lives are eternal. I’m trying not to judge, radical Islam but I will say this. On what plane can we convince 300 million Moslems that God’s true name is Yahweh and His Son is the prophet of prophets, Jesus Christ. Must we be doomed to needlessly fight wars for our sacred beliefs? Our Savior said it would be so. (Matthew 24:6)
    Allah is not Yaweh and Mohammed is not Jesus but those who follow the Moslem way can place the faith in their hearts into Jesus’. We’ve tried to tell them.
    I just hope in a fat society like ours that is growing, swiftly skinny that we, who are left of the Christian faith do not get to loving death as Tim Laden’s, radicals do.

  4. dlhitzeman says:

    DJ, I want the whole world to be saved just as much as anyone, and it is my observation that the events of 9-11 and its aftermath have made that idea even harder than it might have been nine years ago.

    As for the people who call upon Allah as god, only the Gospel has the power to save any of us.

    You are right to remind us all of that fact, and it is upon the rock of the Word that we must all stand in these chaotic times.

  5. djhitz says:

    The fact also remains that big brother and Jesus won’t let me fight. All that flag waving after 9-11 has seemed to subside but I’ll blame some of that on our government and the oil companies for making us more poor and depressed. The world doesn’t want to be saved is the old saying. Maybe if we’re made poor enough we’ll love death more like radical Islam. NOT. Oh, and by the way my chastisement was in jest. You were too hard on your self in that respect. Politcal points are made heartless, daily. Terrorists have made us die and cry.

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