A kind of litmus test

For all you conservative voters out there who plan to vote for Republicans on 2 November, here’s an interesting test for you to use to see if you made the right choice between then and 2012:

  • Did federal government spending increase? (As in, did a Republican Congress add to the budget?)
  • Did the federal deficit grow? (As in, did a Republican Congress continue to spend more than it collects in taxes?)
  • Did taxes increase? (Especially, did they increase without a budget reduction? Let’s face it: taxes are going to have to go up to cover the debt unless the government defaults.)
  • Did Congress pass more unconstitutional laws like mandatory health care?
  • Did Congress continue to concentrate power in the hands of the Federal government?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then I believe you made the wrong choice.

Now, here’s a bonus test question: how many of the Republicans you plan to vote for on 2 November are already guilty of violating one of the previous questions?

So, are you really a fiscal conservative?


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