The statistics are against us

Via The Daily Beast comes news that the FBI successfully thwarted a bombing attempt by a Somali-born immigrant in Portland, Oregon.

While it is easy to point out that the potential terrorist did not succeed, even though he had every reason to believe he would, the fact that this event took place is another example of the fact that the statistics are stacked against us. The terrorists, as a group, are far more motivated and willing to commit their acts of violence than we are willing to do what is necessary to stop them, and it is almost inevitable that they are eventually going to succeed.

Of course, there are all kinds of problems with trying to stop violent jihad being waged against a libertarian republic, but we are also not trying very hard to figure those problems out. While the TSA gropes millions of crotches, the enemy simply adapts its strategy, its tactics, and its focus, and still manages to threaten us. In order to face that kind of adaptable enemy, we must be adaptable as well, and we are not.

Because of that fact, the statistics are stacked against us, and even worse, I suspect the eventual American reaction to another successful attack will make crotch grabbing look like the good old days.


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