Because what the 16 percent believe should be good enough for the rest of us

Via The Daily Beast comes word of a new Gallup poll that laments that just 16 percent of Americans believe in secular Scientific evolution.

Now, I have all kinds of issues with polls, but this one seems pretty fair and straightforward. What is neither fair nor straightforward is how just 16 percent of the population thinks it can set the agenda for what Americans should believe based on what they have chosen to believe.

Despite the fact that 84 percent of Americans have a different view, what is taught in schools around the country often represents the view of the 16 percent. In other words, the Scientific community is shoving an ideology down everyone’s throats, with the help of a willing government and a public too apathetic to fight back.

Some people are appalled to hear my suggestion that we should fight back, but I know that we should. 10,000 years of documented human history shows us what happens when a single, all-pervasive ideology takes hold in a society, and Science is no different in its potential for corruption and failure than any other way of thinking.

I freely admit that I am a creationist–although accepting that term for myself does not mean what you probably think it means–and I am also a philosopher and a scientist in the traditional and correct understandings of those terms. It is from that worldview that I can state with near absolute certainty that the future will prove that most of the evolutionary and cosmological beliefs held by modern Science are laughably wrong.

First of all, that kind of Science violates just about every tenet of science: that is, that science is a method, not knowledge or belief, that conclusions produced by scientific inquiry must be empirically, independently verifiable, and that scientifically verifiable fact should be evident regardless of how, when, or where the fact is observed.

Second of all, most of the claims made by Science fail the test of reasonability because Science itself rejects any way of thinking that lies outside its self-imposed limitations. Because science rejects premises like the idea that even legends and myths may hold a kernel of truth or that there may be–even Science agrees that there is–more to the universe than what we can observe by objective methods, it does not allow for a full scope in thinking and inquiry.

Third of all, history shows that every generation thinks that whatever it knows at that point is just short of the grand answer to all things. This generation will be no different. Future humans will look back on this age and wonder how it is that we were so gullible and naive.

So, for me, what this poll shows is that 84 percent of Americans have the audacity to think for themselves, even if what they think might be wrong. The true tragedy will be when only 16 percent still think Science is wrong, because at that moment, the majority will have been deceived.


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