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Farming: Web roundup

Want to know what I’m reading about agriculture, food, and sustainability? Well this periodic post is the place to find out: Kajabi on the old wise farmer Treehugger on exploding pig barns The New York times on the rise of the artisanal food producer Scientific American on the impracticality of the cheeseburger Foreign Policy Magazine on […] Continue reading

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Philosophy: The rise of class entitlement as the war on individuality

We live in an era of entitlement. Many people, if not most, believe they have the right to demand access to everything from cheap food and clean water to health care and retirement funding, usually with the smallest or no … Continue reading Continue reading

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Readiness: December 31st, 2012

Have you been putting of getting yourself and those you care about ready? Have you been looking for evidence or incentive to start? Well, look no further. On December 31st, 2012, most of the nation’s current tax benefits are scheduled to expire. Overnight, every American who pays taxes could see a significant increase in what […] Continue reading

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And they call us the typical ones

As some of you may know, my youngest sister Rebekah has Downs Syndrome. She is sweet, bright, funny, loving, and unfettered by the things the rest of us constantly struggle with in all the ways one would expect a kid … Continue reading

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Local: Local making, hacking, and technology events

Day-con: DAY-CON VI: Dayton Security Summit, October 12th & 13th, 2012;  Point of Origin Hacking Training, October 9th-12th, 2012 Dayton Diode: Dayton Diode is Dayton, Ohio’s Hackerspace Initiative Dayton TechFest: Math & Science Outside The Classroom since 2003 Continue reading

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